Kelly ... Divisadero and California


  1. I'm sorry...but as a fashion student and a person with a sense of style...you can not possible call this outfit or most of the outfits you have posted on your blog "fashion" I know this is not the most fashionable city in the world, but there are still fashionable people in this city, I'm sure you don't walk around the city and take photos of random people just for the sake of it, a good outfit is meant to inspire, but sadly, I don't find any inspiration in most of your subjects.

  2. Totally disagree with the other comment. I love what you do with street threads! The name speaks for its self - you are out in the streets documenting what people of SF are wearing whether it be "inspiring", "fashionable" or not.
    I don't think I have ever seen street threads mention anything about trying to be fashionable or stylish in the first place. I would suggest not looking anymore since you obviously have missed the point.

    If Street Threads were to go out and only take pictures of stylish outfits I would be bored. San Francisco has a unique personality and a crazy cast of characters and I think street threads captures it perfectly.
    Love it!

  3. taking pictures of stylish outfits makes you bored...I see, that says more than enough about who you are. maybe I have missed my point when I looked in this blog...it's funny you mentioned that SF "has a unique personality and a crazy cast of characters"... that's exactly my point! most of the outfits on this blog are either unique or priest any sort of characters to speak of. Take a look at www.thesfstyle.com. you'll know what I'm talking about.

  4. that blog is cool, whatever. but honestly i just really enjoy looking at pictures on street threads and i totally disagree with how you perceive it.